On December 5, 2021, a youngster who could manage to fýlm two UFO’s, resisted the county police not to hand over the cassette despite strong pressure.


In Davulga District of Emirdag County of Afyon city, 19 year-old Ramazan Elmas has captured the images of bright objects by his video camera for two successive nights and days. The video pictures of the objects caused great excitement among the residents.


Following are what Ramazan Elmas has related about the pictures he recorded on the second day of Ramadan Feast and on the eve of the Feast (December 5 and 6, 2002)


“ There were two of them. When I was filming one, the other object disapperared. There were two holes underneath the object. A white point was moving back and forth between these two holes. It looked as if  a small portion of the object opened on the left side of it. The object flew for about 3 hours and disappeared just before dawn. We observed it  again on the second day of Ramadan Feast. I filmed it again.”


Elmas stated that his father and his friends Evran Calik, Adem Erdogan and Mehmet Golkuyu have also witnessed the incident and he got into trouble with county police.


“ County Police asked me to hand in the cassette, but I rejected it. Then, several military officers came over from Afyon. They watched the footage and wanted to get it. I reported this to Emirdag Public Prosecutor. The Public Prosecutor concluded that I was entitled to have the copyright of the video footage. Then the police ceased to demand it.”


Then, Ramazan Elmas, along with all other witnesses, related what they have seen in details to Mr.Haktan Akdogan, Chairman of Sirius UFO Research Center.

Akdogan made telephone contact with several military officers who have seen  the video footage  and ask for their impressions. Military officers told that they were very impressed by what they’ve watched and they had never encountered such a thing before, despite their experience on night conditions.


They added that the object could be seen clearly in daylight footage as well.


After all these clear descriptions of the witnesses, authorities from Sirius UFO Research Center invited Ramazan Elmas to Istanbul. He arrived at the Research Center with the footage to be analyzed. The information on the footage and the results of the analysis are as follows:


Another witness, Vehbi Kose


On December 4, 2002, at about 9.00 pm, 5-6 hours before Ramazan Elmas and his friends observed the object, a local agricultural engineer Vehbi Kose spotted six bright flashing objects flying at an altitude of 1500 m.


The object flew overhead for about 20 seconds. Kose said “ There was no sound emerging from it and there were flashing red and orange lights into the sky. This  extraordinary event I experienced have affected me profoundly. I wasn’t a believer. But now I believe in UFO’s…That was incredible…”


Again, on December 11, 2002, around 10.00 pm, a luminous object appeared descending to 1000 m and was witnessed by Mufit Elmas and tens of other residents. The object flashing light around it made several maneuvers for a while and disappeared.


The utmost clarity of the daylight pictures of the object has astonished the members of  media.  The pictures also took place in major newspapers and some TV evening news.



The results of the analysis:


Upon examining particularly the daylight pictures and taking reference points such as electricity wires and poles into account, we can estimate the distance of the object is about 4-5 km within the atmosphere.


When examined by a special software by zooming in, in the night pictures of the object, various flashing lights of rainbow colors can be seen.


In zoom-in pictures, it can also be seen that the object is rotating at times. Besides, the object suspends in the air in a motionless way and then moves and stops again, violating the laws of gravity.


In daylight pictures, we can clearly see that the object is circular in shape, it has no wings or tail and it has metallic surface shining even daytime.


Contrary to conventional aircrafts, it gives off no sound and displays advanced technology unknown to us.


It is also obvious that characteristics of the object are not compatible with the ones of Venus, a satellite,  airplane, helicopter, air balloon, meteor or any kind of aerial/natural phenomenon. With the same logic, we can say that the images are definitely not the reflections of an iridium satellite.





“The details of the analysis on the incident, particularly the daylight pictures, have proven the authenticity of the event beyond doubt. The results strongly supports the explanation that this is a UFO. After conducting the necessary analysis, we, Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, have reached the conclusion that the object in question is certainly a UFO violating the laws of gravity.”



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Milliyet 12/10/2021