Against TUBITAK National Observatory Asst. Mngr.

The Law Suit against Prof. Orhan Golbasi to Prove His Heavy Accusations

( BEYOGLU 1.ST Civil Court File Number- No. 2002 / 287 )

Prof. Orhan Golbasi, has made heavy accusations against “ Sirius UFO Space and Sciences Research Center founder & chairman Mr. Haktan Akdogan, “ of being a swindler, embezzler and charlatan” which was printed in the Hurriyet Gazette ( National Newspaper) on 07 Dec. 2001 and in Sabah Gazetesi, another national Newspaper dated Dec. 13 , and the periodical Actuelle edition 13- 19 Dec. 2001 using verbatim in a manner not suitable for a scientist.

A law suit was opened against this National Observatory Deputy Manager Prof. Orhan Golbasi, by Mr. Haktan Akdogan, to proove or submit any kind of evidence to justify his heavy and unrealistic accusations. After a 1.5 year lasting law-suit for these insults the court has ruled in the favour of Mr. Haktan Akdogan.

On the date of 28.10.2021 at the trial of the Beyoglu Civil Court of First Instance, the court has penalized Prof. Orhan Golbasi with a 1 billion TL. Fine to be paid to Mr. Haktan Akdogan for reason of insult and accusation. The payment shall include all legal interest rates and be paid to Mr. Haktan Akdogan.

Court’s final decision on this trial had been published on many different national newspapers and news agencies.(See below)

We believe that without having properly investigated or studied this matter, the precudice, ugly, and false insults and accusations of this act not only harms science but also has a negative impact on the development of humanity.

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Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center
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