ON 05th APRIL 2011!

 We, Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, set in “MOBILE UFO MUSEUM” that we have recently designed and for the first time, carried out in Turkey on Tuesday, April 5th 2011 with a special press launch designed in Forum Istanbul Shopping Center.
We have worked up a semi designed specially into UFO and Space Museum and aim to reach every corner of our country.
With this social and cultural responsibility project designed by SIRIUS, “Sirius Mobile UFO Museum” will bring to the Turkish Public attention the longstanding history of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence Fact with written and visual materials; digital photographs, confidential documents, analysis reports, video images, models and animations.

In “Mobile UFO Museum Exhibition”, all UFO events since time immemorial and close meetings, the NASA File, Crop Circles, fallen UFO events, abductions, chips, Secret UFO Bases – Area 51, photographs and videos from whole over the world and Turkey, all UFO phenomenon and information about extra terrestrial lif; photographs, videos, legal reports and confidential documents and special models and animations prepared by means of close observation reports etc...

Travel period of “Mobile UFO Museum” is 2 years and during 2 years, it’s going to visit several city centers in our country including Istanbul, shopping centers, universities, high schools, festival and activity areas. The Mobile UFO Museum will be open until April 10th in Forum Istanbul for the visitors. Then, all destination information of the semi will put up in Maltepe CarrefourSa Shopping Center between the dates of 11-18 April can be followed from the CALENDAR section of our web site… The Mobile UFO Museum which will visit several shopping centers in Istanbul and city centers such as Taksim-Şişli-Bakırköy-Beşiktaş-Kadıköy-Caddebostan etc… till the end of June, will visit firstly Marmara – Aegean and Mediterranean in the early of July and then whole the rest regions…
This project is a scientific and cultural social responsibility that shares scientific information and finding related to Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence by visiting personally all people in every corner of our country...
As it known in whole over the world, UFO observations, witnesses the Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence by civilian society and authorized people are carried out,  as well as in our country and at times, these observations are certified by people’s shooting with amateur cameras.
Now it is time to expose “UFO Fact” for the national governments. This exposure which is substantial for humanity and a beginning one of the turning points in the history of our planet will start a huge process that takes whole humanity to a new knowledge era…
It is presented to the public respectfully.
Haktan Akdoğan
Head of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center Sirius