We have worked up a semi designed specially into UFO and Space Museum and aim to reach every corner of our country.

With this social and cultural responsibility project designed by SIRIUS, “Sirius Mobile UFO Museum” will bring to the Turkish Public attention the longstanding history of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence Fact with written and visual materials; digital photographs, confidential documents, analysis reports, video images, models and animations.

To share scientific information and finding related to Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence by visiting personally all people in every corner of our country.

The goal of the project is to point out for the existing of “Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence”.
The another goal is to meet our human with cosmic culture and to make them feel the local and common values together.


Target Group:

Whole public opinion

Since Extraterrestrial Intelligence causes a stir, all the world and his wife, whole public opinion is our target group.
During two-year project process, the goal is to reach 2 million visitors one for one.
By pres releases, the target group would be hundred of millions…
Execution time of the project is April 2010 – December 2012 terms.


Execution period of the Project is for 2 (two) years.


“SIRIUS Mobile UFO Museum” semi , set in 05 April 2011, in Istanbul, will visit hundreds of shopping centers, universities, high schools and centers of the cities and towns in our country.

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