“For a United World & United Humanity”

The Campaign

World UFO Disclosure will provide unprecedented benefits and opportunities to all on Earth and humanity, also for the environment, world peace, world poverty and the human future. A disclosure can be one of the greatest galvanizing and transcendent moments in human history.

- The reality of  “we are not alone in the universe” and the comprehension of the fact that we are all “earthlings” and world-citizens.

- Realization of the insignificance of religious, racial, secterian and nationality differences.

- Comprehension of the absurdity of all wars and violance and its positive effect on putting an end to them.

- Its considerable contribution to achieving world peace and unity.

- Its contribution to the consolidation of globe-wide resources, knowledge and technology and utilizing them in favor of  the collective interest of humanity.

- Acceleration of efforts on developing technologies for alternative and clean energy sources.

- Resolving the problems brought about by global warming and taking steps to eliminate it.

- Protection of nature and sustaining ecological balance.

- Introducing new and rapid solutions to famine and poverty.

- Active international cooperation and efforts in wiping out epidemic and deadly diseases.

-  Contributing to achieving global economic and social balance.

- Fast-paced development of agriculture, technology, industry, and science through international sharing of knowledge and technology to achieve a positive outcome.

- Growing productivity and diversity of culture and art on common grounds.

- Realization of “The Reality of Unified Humanity” and more rapid evolution of mankind.

- Elimination of the control of the “Cabal” and dominance-oriented global interest groups.

- Comprehension of the laws and the true motives behind the existence of all entities and putting them into practice.

- Providing monumental contribution to the technological and spiritual development of mankind through intergalactic communication.


There will be fundamental implications, these implications are really so profound and far-reaching, that no aspect of life on earth will remain unaffected. From theology to technology, from geopolitics to economics, from the environment to the future exploration of space, nearly every field of human endeavor will eventually be touched by such an important disclosure.

The most pronounced immediate effect of such a disclosure will be that of altering the fundamental paradigm of how we view ourselves, the world of humanity and the universe. The differences and conflicts between various racial, religious, ethnic and national identities will be seen in a new perspective as we begin to contemplate the reality of earth evolving into an inter-planetary civilization. There will be an immediate realization that we are really all one people on the homeland of earth as earthlings, among many worlds inhabited by other intelligent life forms and the early stages of universal "citizenship" will dawn.

In an academic sense, no field of study will be untouched by such a disclosure: history, anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, exo-biology, theology, the arts, sciences and technology, business and economics -- all will be immediately galvanized by and preoccupied with such a disclosure.

The elaboration of the mechanisms of advanced energy, propulsion, communications and other extraterrestrial technologies will have an extraordinary impact on current earth technologies, including energy generation, transportation, communications, education, manufacturing, medicine and more. These technologies are not polluting fossil fuels or radioactive nuclear power, but are completely revolutionary energy systems which are non-linear, zero-point type technologies. That is, there is a background source of limitless energy which is omni- present in the universe.

The environment, which is being degraded at an alarming rate primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels and the relative scarcity of energy, would be greatly assisted, if not saved, by the widespread application of such technology.
The disclosure of these new technologies will give us a new, sustainable civilization. World poverty will be eliminated within our life times. With the advent of these new energy and propulsion systems, no place on Earth will need to suffer from want.

Once abundant and nearly free energy is available in impoverished areas for agriculture, transportation, construction, manufacturing and electrification, there is no limit to what humanity can achieve.
These technologies, because they will decentralize power — literally and figuratively — will enable the billions living in misery and poverty to enter a world of new abundance. With each village cleanly electrified, agriculture empowered with clean and free energy and transportation costs lowered, poverty will dramatically fall in the world. If we act now, by 2020 we will be able to effectively eliminate all poverty in the world, as we know it today.

Public health and medical advances will result both directly and indirectly from these new technologies. For example, imagine a world where abundance of clean water and energy removes the specter of famine and disease from the entire earth.

Space exploration will be a viable possibility, since these energy and propulsion systems permit transport through space effectively at multiples of the speed of light.

The evolution of a sustainable global civilization, and the further development of the capacity to become an inter-planetary civilization, is dependent on an honest disclosure regarding the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and our development into a peaceful world civilization. Only then can we enter an era of sustainable technology, a sustainable economy, and a lasting culture.
Aside from the singular realization that homo sapiens are not the only — or most advanced — creatures in the universe, this disclosure will cause humanity to be faced with the greatest risks and opportunities in known history. If we do nothing, our civilization will collapse environmentally, economically, geo-politically and socially.

We believe, ‘World UFO Disclosure’ will be the starting point of a new era unprecedented in world history, unify the mankind with a new spirit of peace and brotherhood and launch a new process that will lead humanity to an era of intergalactic communication and wisdom.



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